Introducing Live Broadcasting for Merchants

A real-time marketing tool that lets you engage and sell to your best customers: people already in your neighborhood.

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Drive local traffic

Share real-time updates, insights, and offers to everyone within a 1-mile radius of your store.

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Create new sales

Sell any good, service, or offer directly from the app.  Get paid immediately.

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Lose no time 

Stay focused on your store.  Engage locally and to all of your social channels from Fawn.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is a broadcast?

A broadcast is a photo (taken via camera or album) that is shared to everyone on Fawn within a 1 mile radius.

Q2. How can my business start broadcasting?

Go to your profile, open Settings, and tap "Create a business account". From there, fill in the required information.

Q3. Where do I start a broadcast?

Once you fill out the required information and get approval, look for the “+” icon in the upper right corner of each page in the app.

Q4. How long does each broadcast last?

You have the option to choose 12 hours, 24 hours, or 36 hours.

Q5. Can I edit or stop my broadcast after it started?

Yes. Open your broadcast from any feed and tap "Edit".

Q6. Is there a cost to broadcasting?

Any business that signs up prior to January 1st, 2017 will receive one year of free broadcasting. Thereafter, businesses will receive 5 free broadcasts per month.

Q7. What is Doe?

Doe is Fawn's point system. Each broadcast costs 100 Doe. Merchants are credited with 500 Doe each month. Additional Doe can be bought via in-app purchases.

Creating an Offer

Q1. How do I create an offer?

Start a broadcast (per above) and when Entering Details, tap "Create an Offer". Enter price, quantity available to sell, and any terms (return policy, limit to redeem)

Q2. How long do offers last?

Offers will terminate as soon as the total items available for sale have been sold. If there are no sales, the offer will last as long as the time of the broadcast that you set (12, 24, or 36 hours).

Q3. Is there a limit to price and quantity sold?

Unlimited quantity. $1000 maximum price.

Q4. What is the cost for selling on Fawn?

Fawn currently takes no commission for each "offer" sold.

Q5. How do I know if get a sale?

You will receive a push notification saying "You have a sale!" We also advise you to actively check and monitor your broadcast on a regular basis.

Q5. How do I get paid?

Go to Profile>Settings > Deposit Info. Enter appropriate personal or business bank account information. All information is encrypted.

VERY IMPORTANT: All merchants must enter their deposit information within 7 days after posting an offer to ensure payment and future use.

Q6. When do I get paid?

You get paid immediately. Your bank account is updated on a daily basis.

Q7. How do my customers receive their purchased goods?

Customers must come in-store to pick up their purchase.

Q8. How can I verify the purchase?

Any customer who purchased a good, must show you their redemption voucher on their phone.

Q9. What is the return policy?

You set the return policy in your terms that is in-line with your business. We recommend "All sales final".

Q10. What if the customer does not pick up his good or service?

The customer will have already paid but we still recommend setting a limit in your terms (i.e. goods must be picked up in 3 days).

Q11. How do I see my total sales and receipts?

Go to Profile>Settings>Transactions.

Q12. What platform or e-commerce provider supports Fawn?

We have built our platform with a company called Stripe on a platform called Connect ( It is the same platform used by major marketplaces such as Lyft and Postmates.