Say hello to DOE!

We're excited to announce that our first reward program, DOE, is now available on FAWN!

What is DOE?

DOE is a tally of your social impact on FAWN.  As highlighted in prior posts, ~70 cents of every dollar spent at a local business goes back into the local community.  That’s a powerful statistic and a core part of what we’re trying to accomplish.  Because of that, we give our users DOE.  We believe that the more transparency our users will have to the positive impact of their spending,  the more they will make the extra effort to shop at independent, local business.

How can DOE be earned?


You can earn DOE by simply using the app (following, sharing, spending). Here’s the current breakdown:

Every $1 spent in FAWN = 1 DOE

Signing-up (first time): 50 DOE

Share any offer or event= 10 DOE

Follow a store = 5 DOE

Invite a friend to FAWN = 5 DOE

Purchase 10 items in app = 100 bonus


HOW is DOE redeemed?

We’ve integrated redemption into the checkout process. Our system will automatically ask you if you would like to use DOE for current purchase (if balance is large enough, i.e. greater than 50).

As a merchant, is there a cost to my business?

There is no cost.  FAWN is sponsoring the promotion.

How do we merchants get reimbursed for DOE transactions?

FAWN will reconcile transactions every 24 hours and reimburse merchants within 48 hours of any difference.

For example, if a user buys a $12 pin on FAWN and uses 100 DOE ($2), FAWN will reimburse merchant $2 within 48 hours of transaction.

How will I as a merchant know if a transaction is made with DOE?

Any transaction that uses DOE is tagged in your list of transactions (under settings).

How long will this promotion (50 DOE = $1) last?

The current promotion will last through November 1st.